Baidu Search Engine

PPC Strategies On Baidu Search Engine- Explained!

We know that PPC stands for Pay per click and the criteria changes as per the Search Engine which means it is different on different search engines which are Baidu, Google, Bing and Yahoo. Each and every search Engine has its own criteria in terms of ranking and search and so does the Pay per Click strategy too. Only following the criteria of that particular Search Engine, the results would be achieved greatly for sure.

It is a fact that 100 percent of the people use Smartphone so following a strategy of PPC as per the Baidu Search Engine with Smartphone version would be more beneficial than Desktop version for sure. Most of the people make use of these smart phones, to purchase their household or other accessories.  To



Pay Per Click On Baidu – Introduction

Pay per click works as per the Google Ad Words and it would take a minimum of 2 weeks for developing a Baide search engine based PPC strategy. There is formula called “Display ad network” where PPC users on Baidu Search Engine’s content network, which is as per the format of Google Display Network for more clicks, just refer The use of this kind of marketing strategy is to build a banner on Baidu Search engine. As a matter of fact, there are about 600,000 websites which are partnered with that Chinese search engine called Baide, worldwide.

Services In Baidu

There is an exquisite service for the Baidu Search Engine Users which is that, when a person searches for a specific keyword on a brand, the brand zone would surely represent their brand the logo of that brand in the front portion with a PPC based customized content. This service might seem to be expensive but the click through rate would be around by 50 percent of CTR and PPC average of 1 percent in terms of Baidu which is kind of more benefit when compared to Google’s terms and condition as well as their click through rate.

Results In This

When this strategy is performed well following all the criteria of Baidu, then the results would be more drastic for sure.