Video marketing

Six things you should know about Video Marketing

For most marketers, maintaining a strong presence on Google, which is considered the world’s most powerful search engine is always a priority. For this reason, most of them get all their tools into search engine optimisation and forget about the second-largest search engine-You Tube. Currently, video is grabbing the attention of consumers the way content has never had. This is why video marketing is a tool that every company needs to get its brand noticed by consumers. Why is it effective and how can you tell you are doing it right?

You must be Creative

Video advertising demands that you define your audience first as successful campaigns tend to evoke emotions. It means figuring out who you are targeting and what will motivate them to act. Understand consumers are loaded with too much content today, therefore, as a marketer you should know your message is one of the thousands flooding into their direction. This is why you must make the difference by being creative. Get alternatives that will make your message pop and catch the interest of your audience. A creative presentation in your video can quickly make it stand out.

Give a Story that will trigger your Audience

Videos that repeat what’s already in a written blog are not engaging. Ensure the video you post has something people will want to hear. An effective video will try to connect with the targeted group through an inspiring story, for example. Viral videos tend to have engaging and fun stories.

Make it Short and Punchy

In the past years, consumers would have a hard time watching videos in that they had to wait for their loading and buffering. Today, however, the advancement of technology has made it easy to stream high-quality HD content, especially from mobile devices. Despite this advancement, you do not have to create a movie-length marketing video for a positive response. The attention spans are growing shorter, meaning it pays to stick to the sweet spot of about two minutes while still giving value. The longer they are, the more the bounce rates. Content creators need to embrace the advanced consumer technology and offer videos that are easy to consume and understand.

Video Animation is Key

Animation is something that has been seen to capture great attention from internet users. Take advantage of animation characters and be sure to link that to your targeted demographic. Animation has an incredible effect on consumers since it is considered to deliver information in an easy and understandable manner. Ideally, creating an interactive animated video allows viewers to stay engaged.

Be Authentic

Your message can be differentiated from the rest if you are genuine about your product. Unfortunately, most marketers have today jam-packed the internet with hyperbole and lies. Taking a genuine approach can make your marketing efforts successful as consumers are after content they can relate to.

Have a Call to Action Option

Most videos fade once the content presentation is over without giving the consumer any direction of how they should react to it. In the last minutes towards the end of the video, add contact information and a call to action. Ensure the button directs the consumer to where you want them to arrive. If your viewers like what they see, they will most definitely click through and subscribe to the services you are offering. Your marketing video may be great, but if it is not being shared, it becomes worthless.

When used correctly and creatively, video marketing can be very effective for any company since it is here to stay. For you stay relevant in the digital world, realise that video is now more of a requirement than it is a luxury.